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Help wanted

Specific areas and sub-projects which are in need of contribution, grouped by expertise. These areas do not include the ongoing project development which is always in need of contribution!


  • Device manufacturing advice
  • Version 2 of Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
  • Pulse oximetry probe design & manufacture
  • Industrial design

Software & Firmware

  • Update Peripheral Nerve Stimulator v1 - The production version of jPNS v1 is currently using a PICAXE microcontroller with PICAXE BASIC code. This code needs rewriting in assembler/C for a pin-compatible PIC or Atmel microcontroller. The PICAXE range are themselves PIC microcontrollers with customised firmware allowing execution of BASIC code, so this really just needs rewriting of code for a suitable PIC. Note that for new jfish devices we are moving to Atmel microcontrollers, including for version 2 of the jfish PNS.


  • Licensing streamlining - Currently the project works are licensed under three separate, but complementary, open source licenses, depending on whether the work is documentation, hardware or software. We need a lawyer with intellectual property experience to help combine the ideals of the three into a single unified license to cover all of the project works.
  • Establishment of non-profit foundation - We are aiming to establish a non-profit foundation to handle ‘ownership’ of the project’s intellectual property as well as to provide the vehicle for distribution of project devices. We need help on establishing the foundation structure and legal requirements.


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