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Current Development Status

As of 16th September, 2005.

jfish Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

  • Finalised design and construction of the jPNS version 1 is complete.
    • Hardware: v1.57
    • Firmware: v1.22
  • Real-world field use has occured.
  • Update to pin-compatible PIC and updated firmware needs to be done.
  • Specifications for jPNS version 2 need to be uploaded to the site.

jfish Pulse Oximeter

  • Development is in the very early stages. Device specifications are currently being drafted online.
  • Design and building of v1 of the jfish pulse ox will commence when specifications are finalised.
  • Component collection has progressed nicely, with collection of a large number of used pulse oximeter probes for research and development use.

Other jfish Devices

  • Plans to design and construct other monitors have been made, but no other work has been done on these devices. Listed in order of priority:
    1. Capnograph - side-stream or inline.
    2. Agent-monitoring
    3. Electrocardiogram (ECG) - basic design concepts completed. Will be straight forward to complete device.
    4. Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
    5. Invasive pressure monitoring

Device Integration and Networking

  • Early conceptual stage only. Not relevant until jPulseOx is completed.

Project Website and Server

  • The first live site is up and runnning, with the project overiew, aims and purposes available.
  • Build instructions for the jPNS are available, along with the downloadable jPNS v1.57 package.
  • Version 1 of the liceneses are available.
  • Mailing lists are up and active.
  • Instructions on contributing to the project are available.
  • Project news page is up and online.
  • Concurrent versioning system (either CVS or Subversion) is not yet up and running.
  • Documents in the repository have been transferred; some core documents are not yet complete.
  • Frequently asked questions pages need to be completed.
  • The resources pages have a framework, but still need further information added.

Project Logistics

  • Field use has commenced, with succesful use of a jfish device by a short term surgical team.
  • Several countries of need have been identified for greater introduction of devices.
  • Interest has been expressed by several benevolent organisations with involvement in world anaesthesia.
  • Several anaesthetists have also expressed interest in using the jPNS in the field.
  • Sourcing of device construction still needs to be made to allow higher volume production of the devices for use in the field.
  • Funding for volume production needs to be sourced on a situation-by-situation basis.

jfish Foundation

  • Early conceptual stage only. Setting up a non-profit foundation will become more relevant as the devices are increasingly used in the field.

Legal aspects

  • Basic licensing requirements are online. is powered by the excellent Dokuwiki. Hosting, server, OS and design credits.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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