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IMPORTANT: If you are planning on constructing the jfish PNS, please have a read of Michael Neary’s valuable discussion of safety flaws currently inherent in the design. These short comings are currently being addressed - see the Developers mailing list for further discussion.

jfish PNS Package v1.57

  • Contains:
    • Construction and usage instructions (.pdf)
    • Build of materials/parts list (.txt)
    • PNS firmware sourcecode for PICAXE08 (.bas)
    • Plain image file (.png) of PNS schematic.
    • Schematic (.sch) and board (.brd) files for Cadsoft’s free Eagle schematic capture and layout software.
    • Top & bottom PCB artwork postscript (.ps) and PDF (.pdf) files
    • Gerber files: .cmp .drd .plc .sol .stc .sts .whl
    • Licensing documentation (.txt) is powered by the excellent Dokuwiki. Hosting, server, OS and design credits.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License