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People behind the jfish project

Daniel Jolley

Daniel Jolley is a doctor and anaesthetic registrar, based at The Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, currently working at the Austin and Northern hospitals. He originally trained at Sydney University, and has spent time working in both Sydney and Darwin before moving to Melbourne. The jfish project arose from interests in world anaesthesia, social justice, electronics and the open-source movement, in order to meet the needs of anaesthesia practise in developing countries.

  • Contact details: dj [at] jfish [dot] org


Special thanks must go to the numerous people who have assisted, supported, challenged and helped inspire aspects of the jfish project.

  • Dr Kester Brown
    Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Children’s hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Mr Mike Denison
    Biomedical Engineer, The Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Dr Rob McDougall
    Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Mr Andrew Moorhouse
    Biomedical Engineer, The Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Dr David Pescod
    Consultant Anaesthetist, The Northern Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Dr Brian Spain
    Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin, Australia.
  • Dr Iain Wilson
    Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Devon Hospital, UK. is powered by the excellent Dokuwiki. Hosting, server, OS and design credits.
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