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The existence of the jfish project web-site is only possible because of the ready access we have to high quality, open source/free software. It is such software that served as part inspiration for the jfish project itself.


  • is staged on an old and dusty Cyrix 200MMX with 64Mb of RAM and a clunky 1.2Gb hard drive. Somehow, it is still kicking along.
UPDATE: Was kicking along... Ye olde’ Cyrix quietly gave up the ghost in the middle of one fateful night. is now staged on our main home server, a headless Athlon T-bird 1.3 GHz box, RAID array and all.
  • The production site is hosted on a commercial server in the U.S., courtesy of the great guys at
  • Hardware, network or hosting assistance is always welcome.

Operating System

  • GNU/Linux forms the foundation for the site, with our distro of choice, Debian. You cannot beat Debian for a rock-solid server distro that is both secure and easy to maintain. Highly recommended.


  • The site runs on top of the excellent DokuWiki written by Andreas Gohr. Originally, was built around the equally excellent MamboOS CMS but DokuWiki better met the site’s needs.
  • Naturally we are using Apache, PHP, Python and various other free-software goodies to hold everything together.
  • Subversion and Mailman complete the toolbox.

Site Design

  • The original (Wordpress) Kubrick design was by Michael Heilemann, ported to Mambo by Alex Sancho then customised by Daniel Jolley. It has been fully reworked again in order to transfer to DokuWiki.
  • The inspiration for customising the Kubrick design for use with was Rui Carmo’s visually stunning Tao of Mac site. Various other Apple-related sites inspired the cleanliness of design that we aspire to. is powered by the excellent Dokuwiki. Hosting, server, OS and design credits.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License